Disability action plan 2011-2015

Disability Australia New South Wales

The Disability Action Plan is part of the NSW Department of Education and Communities’ strategy to better engage people with a disability.  The Disability Action Plan is a strategy covering the Department’s education provision in NSW public schools, TAFE NSW and Community and Migrant Education, whether or not they are provided predominately for people with a disability. 
It sets out a process of continuous improvement over the five year period 2011 – 2015. The objectives of this plan reflect the outcome areas set out in the Guidelines for disability action planning by NSW Government agencies. Strategies, actions and timeframes have been developed under each outcome area of:
Identify and remove barriers to services for people with a disability
Provide information and services in a range of formats that are accessible to people with a disability
Make government buildings and facilities physically accessible to people with a disability
Assist people with a disability to participate in the Department’s public consultations and to apply for and participate on advisory boards and committees
Increase employment participation of people with a disability in the Department 
Use government decision-making, programs and operations to influence other agencies and sectors to improve community participation and quality of life for people with a disability

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