Working together: Queensland schools alliance against violence report October 2010

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In response to Recommendation 10 of Dr Rigby's report Enhancing Responses to Bullying in Queensland Schools the Queensland Schools Alliance Against Violence (QSAAV) was formed to provide advice to the Minister for Education and Training on best practice measures to address bullying and violence in Queensland schools. Eight recommendations were provided in this 2010 report.
QSAAV  recommendations:
Urge all Queensland schools to adopt a cyber safety strategy.
Promote and maintain existing resources, and develop additional resources. 
Commission an external review within 18 months, using an independent anti-bullying expert to assess the progress of Queensland schools in implementing the work of QSAAV.
Engage an independent anti-bullying expert to provide ongoing advice to government on issues and policy options as needed.
Develop a promotional campaign focused on improving the awareness of parents and students about bullying and cyber bullying.
Endorse the annual meeting of representatives from the three schooling sectors and associated stakeholders to continue collaborative action against bullying and violence in Queensland schools.
Develop a strategy for communicating with students about the issues of bullying and violence, including the use of social media options.
Raise, through the Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs, national support and effort for:
the development of nationally recognised high quality online professional development for school staff on bullying, cyber safety and violence
a process for the evaluation of anti-bullying and anti-violence programs that assists schools to determine the right program for their school’s needs
a mechanism for the ongoing identification of high quality research in the areas of bullying and violence to assist all schools in implementing evidence-based practice.
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