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The purpose of this document is to provide a program description to inform the development and delivery of school-based early intervention programs for young children with challenging and difficult behaviours and/or an emerging conduct disorder.

The CAMHS and Schools Early Action (CASEA) program is an early intervention program that aims to prevent the disturbance, such as, conduct disorder, in young children. 

Conduct disorder is a serious behavioural disorder that can impede the social, emotional and educational development of a child. The CASEA program is based at schools and involves targeted young children, their parents and teachers in learning new ways of relating and dealing with daily challenges.

Since 2004, there has been a gradual roll-out of new programs/year. Metropolitan programs have been funded for five EFT and rural programs for 3 EFTpositions and referrals to the Programs will be through the schools involved in the program.

Service objectives:

  1. A child exhibiting conduct disorder or emergent conduct disorder will be provided with interventions within the school setting in accord with recognised evidence based guidelines.
  2. Parents will be supported and provided with information about conduct disorder as well as behavioural and other management strategies
  3. Provide information, resources and activities about the identification and management of children at risk of or with early signs of conduct disorder in order to enhance the knowledge and skills of staff.
  4. Establish joint program management and support structures to oversee the CAMHS & Schools Early Action Program.
  5. Strengthen planning, protocol and referral pathways between schools, student support services staff and CAMHS for children with conduct disorders.
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