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Research development of Lean Construction Journal: a bibliometric analysis

Case study Lean construction Academic publishing Bibliometrics

Question: Q1: What is the current status of lean construction publications in LCJ? Q2: What should be expected when the publications in LCJ are analyzed by the authors?

Purpose: The purpose of this article is to gather the technical papers and the case studies published in Lean Construction Journal between 2004 and 2018 and to observe the connections between them. In this way, further researches can be conducted on a more systematic basis.

Research Method: The raw data obtained manually was organized by using spreadsheet software, and this organized data was processed using bibliometric analysis.

Findings: Annual publication and number of citation per year, annual number of publications and citation outputs, the most cited publications, number of authors per publication, the most contributive authors, TreeMap of authors’ keywords, the most contributive countries, the map of the most contributive countries, publications according to international collaboration, countries having the highest number of internationally collaborative publications, country collaboration table, country collaboration map, the most contributive institutions, the most popular research topics

Limitations: Only the technical papers published in Lean Construction Journal were included in the research. Although this may reflect a small portion of the publications in the field of lean construction, the reason for the limitation is to obtain a uniform research database and that LCJ is a well-known and an open access journal that can represent the overall trends in the past few decades.

Implications: The current understanding of lean construction will be comprehended better after this analysis.

Value for authors: This paper is the most comprehensive bibliometric analysis that reviews and gathers all the technical papers and case studies published in the last fifteen years in Lean Construction Journal. Also, it has a property as the first bibliometric analysis paper that analyzes all technical papers published in LCJ. Therefore, this paper is expected to be well studied by the lean construction practitioners and scholars in order to see the summary of LCJ publications.

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