Working paper

Initial specifications for a short form wellbeing outcomes survey

Local government Data collection Public opinion social wellbeing New Zealand

This scoping paper presents initial specifications for the development of a short form wellbeing outcomes survey that small local government and service provider organisations can use for targeted data collection about wellbeing. The benefit of such a survey is that it will provide a robust, valid and user-friendly approach for collecting wellbeing data that would not otherwise be available and which has comparability with wellbeing outcomes reporting in New Zealand at a national level.

A comparison of the OECD international and New Zealand national wellbeing reporting frameworks identified substantial comparability in the topic areas or domains of wellbeing that are used. Given the pivotal role that the Treasury Living Standards Framework (LSF) and associated dashboard has for government fiscal and policy decision making – the 12 LSF current wellbeing domains have been adopted as the basis for structuring the survey content for the initial survey specifications.

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