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Australian sports wagering scheme: approach paper

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This approach paper is intended to outline the department’s approach to designing the Australian sports wagering scheme (ASWS). This paper canvasses the key principles, processes and issues that will be considered in the design of the ASWS, and is intended to inform all relevant stakeholders of the regulatory design approach.

The objectives of the ASWS are to:

  • Streamline “sports integrity aspects” of sports wagering regulation to provide clarity, transparency and consistency at a national level and ensure that sports wagering occurs in a framework that protects the integrity of sport;
  • Strengthen the link between Commonwealth Government funding and sport integrity outcomes;
  • Encourage the development of sporting organisations, and facilitate sporting organisations’ access to revenue streams from wagering on their sport;
  • Develop a robust integrity framework for national sporting organisations, event controlling bodies and wagering service providers;
  • Establish a Suspicious Activity Alert Scheme to enable real‐time receipt and dissemination of alerts and integrity risks; and,
  • Make available a national “data pool” of all sports wagering data.
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