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Fact Check: Gladys Berejiklian says the largest use of solar energy is in NSW. Is she correct?

Liberal Party of Australia Solar energy New South Wales
During a leaders' debate ahead of the 2019 NSW election, Premier Gladys Berejiklian sought to establish her government's credentials on renewable energy by claiming that NSW had the largest use of solar energy. But Ms Berejiklian's claim doesn't check out. RMIT ABC Fact Check compared NSW with other states in three ways: - the consumption of solar energy as a proportion of total energy; - the amount of solar energy generated; and - the installed capacity to generate solar energy. Where available, this was done in raw terms and on a per capita basis. All of the figures were further broken down into large-scale and small-scale solar systems. Of the resulting 11 measures presented in this fact check, New South Wales held the top ranking in only one. Queensland held the top ranking in six of the measures, while South Australia held the remaining four.
Verdict: Doesn't Check Out
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