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Fact Check: Is it cheaper to fly overseas than get out of Alice Springs?

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Australians living in big cities are used to seeing great value offers for travel to exotic locations. But regional Australia seems to miss out. As a guest on the ABC's Q&A program, Dale McIver of Tourism Central Australia suggested "it's cheaper to fly overseas than it is to get out of Alice Springs. I'd love to see the airlines come and justify how they can actually do that". Is it really cheaper to fly internationally than to an important regional centre like Alice Springs? RMIT ABC Fact Check found Ms McIver's claim is a fair call. Regional air travel within Australia can be expensive, whether you are travelling from Alice Springs or elsewhere. Depending on when you book and dates of travel, it can be more expensive to fly out of Alice Springs even to Darwin than it is to make an international trip from a capital city. Flights from Alice Springs are also comparatively expensive when considering the distances travelled. But it must also be recognised that there are some lower-priced Alice Springs airfares available, if booked in advance, and there are many international airfares that are more expensive than flying out of Alice Springs.
Verdict: Fair Call

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