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How prepared are teachers and schools to face the changes to learning caused by the coronavirus pandemic?

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Insights from TALIS 2018 shed light on the level of preparedness of teachers and schools to adjust to new ways of working in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. This will allow education systems to learn from the crisis and be better prepared for the challenges of teaching and learning in this new environment.

Key findings:

  • Prior to the crisis, only 53% of teachers reported using information and communications technology (ICT) for classwork on a frequent basis, and between 19% and 25% of schools faced shortages or inadequacy of digital resources, or issues with Internet access. Moreover, only 67% felt that they could support student learning through the use of digital technology (e.g. computers, tablets, smart boards).
  • In spite of these challenges, nearly 75% of teachers regarded most teachers in their school as open to change, and nearly 60% of principals reported frequent engagement in actions to support co-operation among teachers to develop new teaching practices in their school.
  • However, there was a limited degree of communication between teachers and parents prior to the crisis.
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