Aboriginal deaths in custody: the Royal Commission and its records, 1987–97

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This guide has been produced to assist people to identify and use the records of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody (RCIADIC).

The guide begins with background information on the powers and functioning of Royal Commissions, followed by information about the work of the RCIADIC itself, the types of records it created, the way the records are arranged, the Commission’s recommendations on public access to its records, and an explanation of how to seek access to the records. The main body of the guide provides descriptive information about the records of the Commission. It is divided into six chapters which deal with:

  • the case records
  • the underlying issues records
  • research material
  • the papers of the Commissioners and staff
  • the records of legal counsel assisting the Commission, and
  • the Commission’s administrative records.

Within each chapter, a description is given of the records created by the Commission, where they are located and the access arrangements that apply to each group of records.

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