News and young Australians in 2020

How young people access, perceive and are affected by news media
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This survey repeats and extends a survey first carried out in 2017. The preliminary analysis provided in this report considers the overall results and, where relevant, it also examines how results varied by the gender and age category of respondents.

The results have also been compared with the 2017 survey findings and significant changes are discussed wherever we deemed these relevant and notable. All survey questions were mandatory and the analysis is based on the full sample responses of 1069 participants, unless otherwise indicated.

Key findings:

  • News consumption has become more frequent and more social for young Australians
  • Social media is being used more regularly to get news
  • Close to half of young people pay very little attention – or no attention – to the source of news stories they find online
  • Young Australians trust their family more than any news sources. They do not have high levels of trust for news media organisations
  • Most young Australians consume adult news. Most also believe that young people need news made especially for them
  • Young Australians receive infrequent lessons about how to critique news media. News made for young people may also provide important opportunities for developing news media literacy
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