Superannuation benefits for senators and members elected before 2004

17 Aug 2012

This background note provides a summary of Commonwealth parliamentary superannuation benefits in place prior to the 2004 general election.

It provides explanation, hyperlinks and documents pertaining to the operation of the Parliamentary Contributory Superannuation Scheme (the PCSS). A table of eligibility requirements and benefits under the Scheme is given.

The background note should be read in conjunction with the background note, Parliamentary remuneration and entitlements.

The Parliamentary Contributory Superannuation Act 1948 (the PCSS Act) established the Parliamentary Retiring Allowances Trust (the Trust) and the Scheme. The Scheme is administered by the Department of Finance and Deregulation (Finance) under the direction of the Trust. The Minister for Finance and Deregulation, currently Senator the Hon. Penny Wong, is a trustee of the Scheme, along with two Senators and two Members of the House of Representatives.

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