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Pedalling to a better normal

A six-month plan to stimulate the economy, create jobs, save lives and get Australians moving
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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, over three million Australians rode a bike for recreation every week. That number has been even greater during lockdown. However, the census shows that less than 200,000 ride to work every day. Australians don’t ride to work because they’re concerned about vehicles, particularly heavy vehicles. Therefore, if we remove the problem and provide separated places to ride protected from vehicles, we’ll prevent a congestion catastrophe as people find alternatives to public transport.

This plan provides actions that can be implemented immediately. It calls for whole of government co-operation and sharing of the costs. The total government investment required to get more people riding bikes to save our looming transport disaster is only $904 million.

This investment will provide employment and stimulate the economy through $370 million invested in 750 kilometres of shovel ready adaptable bike lane projects, $525 million invested in bike riding incentives including a paid ride-to-work scheme and tax rebates for new bicycles, and $9 million invested in programs to encourage and support children and less experienced bike riders.

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