Law … what is it good for?

How people see the law, lawyers and courts in Australia
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This report draws on findings from the Community Perspectives of Law Survey, an exploratory survey of 1,846 Australian adults designed to investigate some of the foundational aspects of legal capability, specifically how people –

  • recognise law as relevant to everyday justiciable problems
  • assess the importance of legal advice in the context of such problems
  • view the accessibility of lawyers and courts.

This was done by –

  • presenting scenarios, all of which raise legal issues, and asking respondents to identify when it would be important to get advice from a lawyer, and when they thought the law was relevant to the situation
  • asking respondents the extent to which they agreed or disagreed with a range of words and short phrases focussed on accessibility of courts and lawyers (e.g. complexity, approachability, ease of use, communication).

The survey also investigates aspects of digital as well as legal capability. These are not explored in this report, however the data will be analysed in future, adding another layer to our understanding of effective service provision.

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