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Position paper

Leading developers and investors in industrial buildings recognise that if we are to future-proof this sector and achieve its carbon-reduction potential we must deliver buildings that are sustainable. The leaders understand that it is not just enough to say that a building is sustainable, or to deliver a building that meets minimum code requirements with a few sustainability features ‘bolted on’.

Designing, constructing and certifying a high-performing, sustainable building does cost more than building to minimum standards. However, research suggests that overall, green buildings are not necessarily more costly to build than conventional buildings, while GBCA analysis shows that certification costs are only a small percentage of the overall project cost and this investment will be paid back many times over in the short, medium and long-term.

Communicating the value of sustainability and third-party certification can sometimes be challenging. There is a growing demand for sustainable assets and most people want to avoid ‘greenwash’, but this does not always translate to premium sale or lease prices for certified industrial assets.

However, by taking a broader view of the opportunities to deliver value, companies responding to this growing demand are more likely to see financial results. This document helps to make the case for sustainable, independently certified assets and demonstrates how value is delivered in a range of ways.

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