Weapons of gas destruction

Lifting the lid on greenhouse gas emissions from Australian fossil gas projects and resources
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This research report, commissioned by the Australian Conservation Foundation, is the first time the entirety of Australia’s gas project pipeline and resources have been compiled and their potential climate impact assessed.

Key findings:

  • When gas is extracted, transported or burned it releases greenhouse gas emissions; the climate impact from ‘fugitive’ gas emissions has been under reported in Australia.
  • Australia’s existing pipeline of 22 gas projects, along with identified and prospective gas resources, could emit up to three times the annual world emissions.
  • Taking a global carbon budget approach to meeting the Paris Agreement goal of 1.5 degrees, Australia’s use of gas resources would use up 28% of the global carbon budget.
  • Compared to the world’s largest corporate polluters, unleashing Australia’s gas resources would emit more than double the historical emissions of Chevron, Exxon, BHP and Rio Tinto put together.
  • The gas industry itself is a major user of gas, burning twice as much gas as Australian households and nearly as much as the manufacturing sector.
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