Clean skies for tomorrow: sustainable aviation fuels as a pathway to net-zero aviation

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The World Economic Forum’s Clean Skies for Tomorrow (CST) initiative, established in 2019, is a coalition across aviation’s value chain working to facilitate the transition to net-zero flying by mid-century. In partnership with ambitious senior leadership across industry, government, and civil society, this public-private partnership is driving a shift to zero-emissions aviation through sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and other clean propulsion technologies.

SAF is a necessary step in aviation’s decarbonisation pathway, especially with next-generation technologies like electric flight and hydrogen-powered propulsion still years away from application at scale. The CST coalition is working to address the chicken-and-egg scenario whereby producers and consumers of SAF are both either unwilling or unable to carry the initial cost burden of investing in new technologies to reach a scale where they are more cost competitive with existing fossil fuel-derived options.

The aim is to break this impasse and advance the commercial scale of viable production of sustainable low-carbon aviation fuels (bio and synthetic) for broad adoption in the industry by 2030. This report, developed in close consultation with the CST coalition, serves to provide a fact base on which swift and bold actions should be taken by public and private sector leaders alike.


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