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Discussion paper

Sexual orientation and gender identity conversion practices: issues paper

Gender identity LGBTIQ+ Legislation Tasmania

The Tasmania Law Reform Institute is seeking public feedback on possible reforms to Tasmanian law to respond to sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) conversion practices. This paper forms the basis for consultation. SOGI conversion practices are known to be demeaning and highly damaging to LGBQTA+ people and several jurisdictions have already banned or are in the process of banning them. The Institute is conducting an inquiry about the appropriate law reform options for Tasmania.

SOGI conversion practices are attempts to change or suppress a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity; to ‘convert’ someone who is homosexual or transgender into a heterosexual or cisgendered person. They are often based on pseudoscientific ideas that non-conforming sexual orientation or gender identity is the result of dysfunction, trauma, or brokenness, and can be ‘healed’, suppressed or changed.

This issues paper is the basis for a public discussion in Tasmania about whether and how Tasmanian law should also be reformed in response to contemporary evidence about the harm caused by SOGI conversion practices. Responses will be used in a final report and recommendations, which will be provided to the Tasmanian government.

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