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Tobacco harm reduction: final report 1.89 MB

Smoke-free products deliver nicotine in the absence of both combustion and smoke. The term covers a broad range of products including electronic cigarettes, heat-not-burn tobacco products, chewing tobacco, snuff and other novel nicotine products.

Electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes, e-cigs, electronic nicotine delivery systems, electronic non-nicotine delivery systems, alternative nicotine delivery systems, personal vaporisers, e-hookahs, vape pens or vapes) are battery powered devices that deliver an aerosol by heating a solution that users breathe in. For the purpose of this report, electronic cigarettes are referred to as e-cigarettes.

Report overview:

  • Chapter 1 provides information about the context and administrative details of the inquiry.
  • Chapter 2 discusses Australia's regulatory approach to e-cigarettes, including the prevalence of tobacco smoking and e-cigarette use in Australia.
  • Chapter 3 sets out international approaches to regulating e-cigarettes.
  • Chapter 4 considers the health impacts of e-cigarettes.
  • Chapter 5 examines the relative strengths and weaknesses of a prescription-based model in comparison to other regulatory approaches.
  • Chapter 6 concludes with the committee view and recommendations.
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