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Vaping has become a topical issue in Australia and internationally in recent years. There has been passionate discourse about whether vaping is something that should be banned or encouraged.

There are some who worry about the potential harms (known and unknown) associated with vaping, and who want to see greater restrictions on the availability of vaping products for fear of more non smokers and young people taking up vaping.

While on the other side of the debate, there are those who think vaping is a useful harm reduction tool that should be widely available to reduce the use of tobacco for the public good.

In this report, the authors look at the history of tobacco use, currently available tools to quit, how we came to have nicotine vapes, the current questions and controversies surrounding vaping, and a potential path forward to manage vaping in Australia.

They argues that Australia would benefit from rethinking its current policies on nicotine vaping products by taking a harm reduction approach, carefully regulating vaping products rather than banning them and providing education and support to people trying to quit.




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