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Changing the game: a critical analysis of large-scale corruption in mega-sport event infrastructure projects

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Changing the Game: A critical analysis of large-scale corruption in Mega-Sport Event infrastructure projects is the second in a series of three EAP Insights briefings focusing on issues surrounding Mega-Sport Events (MSEs). The paper highlights the ramifications of corruption in MSE infrastructure, a reoccurring issue in MSE history resulting in poor quality and inflated constructions. Issues are assessed across major events, finding concerns in project planning and ineffective channels to report wrongdoing. Its recommendations are focused on using transparency and collaboration and are based on what has worked elsewhere.

These recommendations include:

Implementation of the expert-developed Open Contracting for Infrastructure Data Standard (OC4IDS), which could massively heighten data transparency. Intended for incorporation into online platforms, the OC4IDS can be integrated with existing government systems and allow data to be compared from across contractors, helping to encourage honest bidding.

To address poor project planning, host governments could partner with a project preparation facility in their bid for the events to create a robust planning process with an accurate budget and to ensure their preparedness from the outset.

A scoring system between contractors and clients and adequate whistle-blower mechanisms. Including these and other measures as an obligation in the infrastructure project bidding stage would ensure they materialise and are used.

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