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This report investigated Kaupapa Māori strengths-based understandings of health and wellbeing in relation to takatāpui/Māori LGBTQI-plus communities. The study and its findings are important because little research has been conducted by takatāpui researchers and community collaborators about takatāpui experiences, wellness and wellbeing. This research provides an opportunity to address the invisibility of LGBTQI-plus populations within policy and service provision in primary health care and other settings. The aim is to support organisations by developing knowledge that supports the provision of effective health and wellbeing programmes.

Key findings:

  • 49% of people surveyed reported they had ever experienced violence or the threat of violence because they are takatāpui and Māori LGBTQI+. Of those, the most common forms of violence were physical, sexual, psychological and emotional abuse.
  • Participants rated whanaungatanga or relationships, having a home to live in, feeling connected, and having a strong sense of their identity (cultural, sexual and gender identities) as most important for their health. 
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