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Connecting on Country

Closing the digital divide for First Nations students in the age of COVID-19
Digital inclusion Online learning Remote teaching Rural and remote communities Australia
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One in four First Nations households do not have internet access at home. The coronavirus disrupted most Australian students’ 2020 education to some extent, but for too many First Nations students the closure of schools and move to online learning stopped their education altogether. Some were not able to use the learning materials, teaching and support that their class peers could access online.

COVID-19 has accelerated the digital revolution across many sectors, including in education, which makes it more important than ever to urgently close the digital divide. Beyond education, online access is also critical for job opportunities and e-commerce, health advice, accessing government services and participating in broader society.

This report calls on the Australian government to develop a First Nations Digital Inclusion Strategy, in partnership with First Nations communities and organisations and the private sector, to close the digital divide for First Nations students once and for all.

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