Renewable superpower scorecard 2021: Australia’s race to a renewable future

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WWF-Australia is calling on our leaders to make Australia the world’s leading exporter of renewable energy by 2030, and to put us on the pathway to 700% renewables by 2050.

The Renewable Superpower Scorecard presents a snapshot of how Australia’s states, territories and the federal government are performing in the race to become a renewable superpower.

This scorecard is the first such ranking of Australia’s states and territories. It evaluates their progress not just in switching Australia’s domestic energy system to renewables, but also on how quickly they are working to establish new renewable export industries for the nation.

Key findings:

  • Governments in Australia invested a total of over $7 billion in clean energy stimulus measures in 2020. Although significant, it’s a fraction of what has been spent in other countries.
  • Most jurisdictions are making solid progress on rolling out renewables, and tracking towards state and territory targets for domestic electricity - but exponential growth is needed to reach 700% renewables by 2050.
  • Governments of all political persuasions are embracing renewables and bipartisan support for renewable energy policies is becoming more common.
  • No jurisdiction is doing well when it comes to sharing the benefits of the energy transition. This is one area that needs substantial attention from all governments.
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