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Responding to cybercrime: results of a comparison between community members and police personnel

Police-community relations Cyber-crime Victims of crimes Australia

Advancements in information technology are sources of both opportunity and vulnerability for citizens. Previous research indicates that there are significant challenges for police in investigating cybercrime, that community expectations about police responses are based largely on media representations, and that victims experience high levels of frustration and stigmatisation.

This paper examines the views of the Australian community and law enforcement officers about the policing of cybercrime. Results suggest that police personnel are more likely to view cybercrime as serious, and community members are more likely to ascribe blame to victims. Results also indicate a discrepancy between police and community members in their views of the efficacy of police responses.

These discrepancies contribute to public dissatisfaction. Therefore, the paper covers some general strategies for short-and long-term cybercrime prevention.

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Trends and issues in crime and criminal justice, no.635