Managing major projects

Australia Victoria

This report finds that Major Projects Victoria is not able to demonstrate that it operates and manages infrastructure projects effectively, efficiently or economically.

Poor oversight by the Department of Business and Innovation (DBI) and the lack of effective internal controls have contributed to poor governance standards and a lack of organisational integrity and accountability—contrary to the behaviours expected in the Public Administration Act 2004.

DBI responses to Parliamentary committees have provided impressions of Major Projects Victoria (MPV)’s performance that cast doubt on the veracity of information it has provided. There are continuing weaknesses in managing probity, and it is likely that MPV is not achieving the best use of public resources. By not collecting and reporting reliable data related to its performance, MPV has also failed to meet public sector accountability standards.

MPV’s governance and operational shortcomings are pervasive and should be addressed as a priority.

Image: woodleywonderworks / flickr

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