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A Ministry of Green Works for Aotearoa New Zealand

An ambitious approach to housing, infrastructure, and climate change
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Aotearoa New Zealand faces a profound housing crisis, widespread infrastructure deficits, and the surging impacts of climate change – all amid a pandemic. Housing and infrastructure deficits today are a result of poor policy and create challenges for long-term vision, statutory planning, investment, funding, financing, procurement and delivery.

Housing, infrastructure, and climate change are all human-made problems - and human action can overcome these problems, too. That is not to suggest that solutions will be easy, or simply require individual action. At the heart of these challenges is a broken economic and social model, and collective action is needed to transform that model.

Nevertheless with the right understanding of the lessons to be drawn from the past and the causes of these challenges, and a collective willingness to take bold action in the present, these problems can be tackled. This report suggests that setting up a Ministry of Green Works – alongside significant accompanying resourcing for Māori infrastructure and housing – would be an important step in the right direction.

This report is a prompt for discussion. It cannot address all possible questions that might arise relevant to a Ministry of Green Works and accompanying resourcing for Māori housing and infrastructure.

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