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How to talk about the future of farming in Aotearoa New Zealand

Farming Environmental management New Zealand

This guide is for people in communications, science, policy and community roles who want to talk effectively about the future of farming, and land-use change in particular, to the general public and farming communities who are interested in how people in farming can respond to the environmental challenges we all face.

This guide is for working with those people who care for our environment, understand something needs to be done, but maybe unsure or unclear on how to do so. Its purpose is to:

  • provide insights into the science behind our recommended communications strategies

  • explain the different types of thinking people have about farming, the environment and land-use change

  • outline how that thinking is either helpful or unhelpful for building people’s support for the solutions that will protect our environment and wellbeing into the future

  • provide a checklist to help apply the recommendations to your communications.

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