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Consultations with young people to inform the eSafety Commissioner’s Engagement Strategy for Young People

A report on the findings
Communications regulation Cyber safety Digital communications Technology and youth Australia

Young people in Australia have clear aspirations and views about the internet and online safety. This research highlights their recommendations and vision for the future. It outlines their expectations of eSafety and how we should engage with them about online issues. The findings will be used to guide the development of eSafety's online strategy and resources for young people.

The research was led by the Young and Resilient Research Centre at Western Sydney University. The Centre used participatory co-research and design methods to explore young people’s opinions about online safety.

Based on this work, a draft Youth aspirational statement has been developed by the young people who were surveyed. An Online Safety Youth Advisory Council will also be established to advise eSafety about ongoing youth engagement, policies and program development.

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