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After many years of declining trust in established institutions, there have been increasing calls for and efforts to include people from the broader community in public decision-making.

This is emerging at all levels of governance, and is underpinned by the potential to develop innovative ways of finding consensus on and solutions to long-term and complex challenges. Accordingly, the decade ahead may present new opportunities to reshape the relationship between people and their governments.

It is in this context that the Refugee Youth Policy Initiative was born. This is a unique NSW Government initiative led by Multicultural NSW and the NSW Coordinator General for Refugee Resettlement that seeks to include young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds in the process of decision making about settlement services policy in NSW.

The Sydney Policy Lab formed a learning partnership with Multicultural NSW, resulting in this report that seeks to contribute to practice-based evidence and enrich understanding of what works and what does not work in efforts directly to include people in policy-making processes, particularly regarding initiatives that include people who are experts by direct experience in the policy matters being considered.

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