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The last twelve months have demonstrated that electric vehicles are here to stay in Australia, and indeed around the world. Electric vehicle sales have grown despite the global pandemic, and with the world now in an economic recovery phase, there is an expectation that this growth will continue.

This period also saw the introduction of Australia’s best electric vehicle policy to date, with the NSW state government introducing an Electric Vehicle Strategy, backed by almost $500m of investment to accelerate the uptake of zero emissions vehicles. The NSW Government incentive program is significant and comparable with leading jurisdictions overseas, and we are optimistic about the effect it will have on electric vehicle availability and sales.

These positive measures and those taken by other state and territory governments provide confidence to private sector investors, allowing for the introduction of greater choice for Australian consumers, more places to charge and better services that support e-mobility.

However, Australia still has serious challenges when it comes to electric vehicle market share, policies, and consumer choice.

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