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From December 2020 to October 2021 the committee conducted an inquiry into independent assessments under the NDIS. During this inquiry, the committee heard a range of views in relation to the projected scheme costs of the NDIS. These included concerns raised by federal NDIS ministers and the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) that projected scheme costs posed risks to the long-term sustainability of the scheme. Other submitters however, expressed scepticism about the actuarial data used to argue that there are issues with scheme sustainability, and noted a range of other factors influencing scheme projections.

In consideration of the evidence already presented to the inquiry into independent assessments, the committee decided to conclude that inquiry and initiate a new inquiry with focussed terms of reference to examine some of the broader questions concerning the implementation of the NDIS to date and projections about its future.

Report overview:

  • Chapter 1 details general information about this inquiry, provides background to the NDIS, and presents a summary of this inquiry’s interim report. It also provides a summary of key findings of the Productivity Commission’s 2017 Study Report into NDIS Costs, to set the context for the evidence received by this inquiry.
  • Chapter 2 discusses key matters relating to funding, forecasting and financial sustainability of the NDIS.
  • Chapter 3 examines the boundaries and interfaces of NDIS service provision and mainstream and community services. It also considers evidence relating to the Australian Government’s Information, Linkages and Capacity Building program.
  • Chapter 4 considers matters relating to trust, equity and decision-making in the scheme.
  • Chapter 5 looks at a range of other matters which were raised throughout this inquiry including recent government proposals for reform in the scheme.
  • Chapter 6 outlines the committee’s views on the matters discussed throughout this report, including recommended next steps.
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