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Australasian cities are hotspots where increased urbanisation and nature collide, hotspots for threatened biodiversity and degradation. They are experiencing unprecedented pressures of climate extremes, including droughts, heatwaves and floods. The climate pressures require integrative urban solutions to re-connect people with nature, provide novel approaches to plan with nature, for nature and be inspired by nature. In this context of climate-proofing cities, research on nature-based solutions can showcase pioneering concepts and solutions/pilots on hybrids or integrative designs between nature-based solutions and grey infrastructure, and smart cities technologies. In this track, we invite urban researchers to contribute critical research on how to best ecologically design and maintain nature-based solutions in Australasian cities to sustain their potential in delivering multiple benefits. Contributions to this focal area will advance evidence on the understanding of nature-based solutions to urban climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as showing how by fostering nature in the city we can support well-being, social cohesion and appreciation of First Nations knowledge and culture. Through research from urban scholars focused on Australasian cities, the evidence can serve as a useful base to further research and inform NBS’ application across the world’s cities, especially those in fast-changing climate and rapidly changing urban fabrics and demographics. Papers in this track provide an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to learn from each other, as well as position and present Australasian research on city and nature with global relevance.

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