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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that this resource may contain images or names of people who have since passed away.

Working paper

This report is a review of current literature and research on climate change projections, impact, vulnerability, adaptation, energy futures and carbon economies in remote Australia. It is intended to inform research frameworks and directions for the research project Climate Change Adaptation, Energy Futures and Carbon Economies in Remote Australia within the Cooperative Research Centre for Remote Economic Participation (CRC-REP).

Key conclusions include:

  • The individuals and communities of remote Australia are expected to be more vulnerable to climate change scenarios.
  • Vulnerability and adaptive capacity of the pastoral industry have been assessed in some detail, but other industries and businesses have received scant attention and their needs are known only in a generic sense.
  • There have been no detailed case studies of remote settlement liveability under climate change scenarios.
  • Mobility and transport is critical to all social and economic activity in remote Australia and increasing transport energy costs will be experienced disproportionately by remote Australians
  • Business models for viable renewable energy generation facilities to service remote communities are not well developed.
  • Many studies report the enterprise potential for large-scale renewable energy production in remote Australia, with transmission to distant markets.
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