Within the fields of humanities and social sciences, more attention has been paid in recent years to the concept of 'impact'. Research has to be relevant. But how do you do that, make an impact?

This paper, published by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), contains ten lessons for scientists who want to make an impact with their research. In addition to the scientists from Utrecht University, Godfriend Engbersen (EUR), Anita Evers (UL/EUR/TUD), Lotte Jensen (RU) and Leo Lucassen (UL/IISG) were also contributors. The lessons are based on their own experiences and offer colleagues some useful insights, because a concept like 'impact' initially raises many questions.

The authors emphasise that fundamental research is the basis of impact. And every scholar can generate social applications. Thinking about this should take place at the start of every project, even if creating impact is difficult due to the nature of the research. Another recommendation is that timing and opportunism are important tools for exposure. In the media, in politics and in large organisations, the attention for certain subjects fluctuates. As a scholar, you must be able to respond quickly.


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