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The 2022 climate election: unpacking how climate concerned Australians voted

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Votes are still being counted, but one thing is indisputable: climate action is the winner of this election. Millions of Australians put climate first at the ballot box, and the politicians who dragged their heels on the most important challenge of our time are paying a price for that. It’s clear the Australian Parliament is now set for an unprecedented shake up, and all eyes are on what climate action will be achieved by the incoming government.

This analysis of key seats in the 2022 federal election makes a compelling case for the strong connection between climate concerned Australians and their voting behaviour.

Key findings:

  • Climate change is a defining issue of this election in the city, the suburbs and the regions. Candidates championing strong climate action were rewarded by voters across the country.
  • Voters in most electorates hit by climate-fuelled disasters, like the Black Summer Bushfires and the 2022 floods, swung away from the Coalition and towards those championing stronger climate action.
  • The Senate is likely to have a climate action-friendly majority with candidates who ran on strong climate platforms performing well.
  • The new Australian Parliament has a strong mandate for game-changing climate action, and pressure will continue to be applied (both domestically and abroad) on the federal government to accelerate its efforts this decade.
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