What do Australians think about health & medical research?

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This year’s opinion polling looked at the importance of health and medical research to ordinary Australians, perceptions of who currently pays for health and medical research, and opinions on who should fund it.
The survey was conducted online by email invitation to a national panel between 19 and 28 June 2012 with a representative sample of 1053 Australians aged 18 and over.
The following is a brief summary of the results of Research Australia’s 2012 Opinion Poll Improving hospitals and healthcare and funding health and medical research Improving hospitals and healthcare remains the highest priority identified by respondents for the Federal Government. Providing funding for health and medical research also remains a high priority. Both these findings are consistent with previous surveys conducted by Research Australia.
Primary responsibility for funding health and medical research rests with governments.
While most people think a strong Australian health and medical research industry is important, Australians generally consider that funding health and medical research is primarily a Federal Government responsibility. Views about who should be the next most important source of funding are more mixed, with the largest number of people nominating state governments.

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