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“Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility”: thinking about what it might take

Neighbourhood Circles Project Part 2
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The first Neighbourhood Mapping document focused on exploring and enhancing our understanding of the different types of neighbourhood circles that exist across the greater Adelaide region, as well as some of their potential barriers to inclusion, accessibility and sustainability. Inclusive Neighbourhoods believe it is important to highlight some of the next steps for neighbourhood circles and initiatives to address some of the potential barriers, which may help us to think about what it might take to support more vulnerable people to be included in the future.

While this document does not attempt to provide all the answers to many of the questions that arose throughout the course of this project, it hopes to instil further confidence and inspiration in our neighbourhoods as stronger places of safeguarding and belonging. The strength in our neighbourhoods resides in the stories that they tell. Sharing stories from our neighbourhoods becomes the guiding force behind this document, in which their significance as sources of belonging are addressed.

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