Combining scientific, traditional and local knowledge, Indigenous and non-Indigenous people have worked together to create this first holistic assessment of the state of Australia’s environment.

The report aims to help shape policy and action, influence behaviours and assess our actions as stewards of the Australian environment.

This report explores the links between human wellbeing and the environment. The Australian government is increasingly aligning the report and its analysis with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This approach includes outcome-based assessments which provide a common framework that can be used by industry and states and territories. The authors have also drawn on environmental accounts where available, which apply an economic lens to the costs and benefits for society of environment impacts and actions.

Key findings:

  • In a rapidly changing climate, with unsustainable development and use of resources, the general outlook for our environment is deteriorating.
  • Immediate action with innovative management, regulation and collaboration can turn things around.
  • Indigenous knowledge and connections to Country are vital for sustainability and healing Australia.
  • Environmental decline affects the wellbeing of Australians.
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