Though the research both nationally and internationally is developing, there are several key gaps in our current knowledge. Specifically, little is known about the extent of women’s experiences of technology-facilitated abuse (TFA), or the nature and relational contexts of women’s experiences of TFA (which can inform prevention and the provision of support services).

Further, little is known about the extent of TFA perpetration, or the attitudinal and other correlates of TFA perpetration that might be targeted in prevention and response programs.

To address these knowledge gaps, this research project:

  • established reliable national prevalence rates for the adult victimisation and perpetration of key forms of TFA, including online sexual harassment, stalking, partner violence and image-based sexual abuse
  • improved understanding of the lived experiences and help-seeking patterns of women victims and survivors of TFA, and identified currently available (and needed) help-seeking remedies
  • improved understanding of the nature and characteristics of TFA perpetration
  • provided an evidence base to inform practice innovation and further development of prevention and responses to TFA.
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Research Report 2/2022