VicHealth is mandated to promote good health and the prevention of disease. Given the burden of disease associated with violence against women, VicHealth has an ongoing commitment to the prevention of gendered violence. Its primary prevention strategies focus on gender equality and community attitudes towards women and violence and have targeted various settings such as sports, education and the workplace.

The Gender Equality through the Arts (GEARTS) Grants Program progresses this work to the arts setting. Art as a mechanism of raising awareness and working towards social change has a long history.

VicHealth aimed to use the power of art to raise awareness and promote gender equality and to celebrate women. It also wanted to build capacity by bringing artists and local councils together. VicHealth invited Victorian Councils to partner with artists and creative industries organisations to apply for funding to support the creation of ART initiatives that promote gender equality. This work is timely, given the recently enacted Gender Equality Act 2020 (Vic), in which local government has been recognised as a key setting with a duty to promote gender equality due to the significant and direct influence of Council policies, programs, and services on the community.

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