This resource is for anyone who lives with, or provides care to, a person living with dementia.

It was co-developed with people living with dementia, as well as carers and former carers of people with dementia, who are members of the Sydney Dementia Network-Lived Experience Expert Advisory Panel (SDN-LEEAP).

The guide will be particularly useful in cases of dementia where apathy or loss of engagement is prominent. It provides clear examples and practical strategies to overcome behavioural changes in dementia that can be tailored to the personality and circumstances of the individual. These strategies can help to promote engagement and participation in social events and activities.

The guide may also be useful to friends and families of people living with dementia, as it contains important information regarding types of behavioural changes that often occur in dementia and how to understand these changes. A quick guide is included at the end, which can be printed off as a useful resource for family and friends.

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