National state of the assets pilot 2012

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This project is a pilot study to determine whether councils have the necessary data and information to meaningfully contribute to this process. The State of the Assets report aims to provide technical underpinning to the broader Roads to Recovery (R2R) initiative.
This report represents the outcome from the first phase of the ALGA examination of the current status of local government road assets.
There are three key elements to Phase 1 of this project:

A Pilot of the proposed concept through testing the assumptions, agreeing performance indicators (Condition/ quality, function, capacity/utilisation), capturing data and analysing the data and information;
Development of national methodology to be used periodically on a consistent basis; and
Reporting of the results to key local government stakeholders.
For the purposes of this work, road assets have been categorised as including sealed roads, unsealed roads and bridges (concrete and timber).

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