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Getting the NDIS back on track: a survey of people with disability

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) People with disability Australia

The Summer Foundation, with the support of People with Disabilities Australia, conducted research into people with disability’s experience of the NDIS. The research was seeking to understand what works well in the NDIS, how it has made a difference to people’s lives and what they would change about the NDIS.

The research amplifies the voice of NDIS participants (and close others) and provides invaluable insight into the lived experience of dealing with the NDIS.

Key findings include:

  • The NDIS has transformed lives for the better and helped people achieve important life goals
  • There is a deep distrust and lack of confidence in the administration of the scheme
  • Many participants live in fear of their funding being cut due to policy change, miscommunication, or errors
  • Dealing with the NDIS is stressful and time consuming, and difficult to access
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