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The new majority: the state and future of the British centre-right

Working class Political parties Political leadership Political influence United Kingdom

Over the last few years, the centre-right coalition in the UK has broadened beyond recognition – illustrated most strikingly by the Conservative Party’s landslide win at the 2019 election. It is vastly more financially and socially diverse than it was a decade ago; it’s also geographically much broader.

The challenge, both for the Conservative Party and for the broader centre-right, is to maintain this new majority – in extraordinarily challenging political and economic times.

This report examines the values and attitudes that bind this coalition together, and split it apart. It argues that the conservative movement’s future lies in paying disproportionate attention to less affluent, working-class voters – voters even less well-off than the lower-middle-class who have sustained the Conservatives’ electoral performance for two decades.

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