Statistical analysis of the managing for organisational performance survey

30 Dec 2012

The Institute’s Managing for Performance Project considered how the performance information system in the New Zealand state sector could be better aligned with the needs of key users and achieve a greater focus on outcomes. Underpinning this question was a perception that the information produced by the current formal performance information system was little valued by key stakeholders – parliamentarians, ministers, the public and, indeed, many state servants. To address such issues, the Institute of Policy Studies undertook a project that included a major survey of state sector managers augmented by seven detailed case studies of the performance management system. The findings from the research were published in a recent book The Iron Cage Recreated. This working paper provides more detail on the statistical analysis undertaken of the survey results which were covered in Chapter 15 of The Iron Cage Recreated. It is accompanied on the Institute’s website by a database of the survey results for use by future researchers.

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