Infrastructure interdependencies and business-level impacts: a new approach to climate risk assessment

8 Apr 2013

This report examines some of the physical impacts of climate change on the infrastructure sector and the resulting cascade of consequences for the broader economy.

The report summarises findings from a workshop conducted in December 2012 by The Climate Institute, Manidis Roberts (a part of the RPS Group) and KPMG, which piloted a process for analysing the climate-related risks associated with interdependent infrastructure systems of a major city. The workshop was informed by a range of sources: a desktop review of academic, business and government documents; analysis from experts in the fields of risk, resilience, sustainability and infrastructure planning; analysis of historical events; interdependency mapping and quantitative modelling.

This workshop report follows The Climate Institute’s recently published report Coming Ready or Not: Managing climate risks to Australian infrastructure, which synthesised research on the physical impacts and flow-on consequences of climate change and  analysed preparations for climate change impacts in Australia amongst owners and operators of major infrastructure assets.

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