India-Australia poll 2013

Higher education Australia

This survey of Indian public attitudes towards Australia presents some surprising results. It reveals broadly positive views towards Australia, but lingering concerns about student safety.

Key issues covered in the poll include: Indian perceptions of Australian governance and society, education in Australia, the Indian media, uranium sales to India, Indian Ocean security, and cricket. The India-Australia Poll is a collaboration between the Lowy Institute for International Policy and the Australia India Institute.

Key findings:

  • A 60% majority of Indians think it would be better if India's government and society worked more like Australia. This places Australia roughly equal to Japan and Singapore. Of the 10 countries surveyed only the United States ranked better, at 78%.
  • 75% of Indians view Australia as a good place to be educated, ranking 2nd only after the United States (83%).
  • 62% percent of Indians think Australia remains a dangerous place for Indian student, although 53% say it is safer than it was a few years ago and 64% say any country can be dangerous for Indian students if they are not careful.


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