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This policy discussion paper has been developed in response to extensive social research indicating that education, employment, healthy living conditions and social support networks all have a very strong influence on families’ ability to provide the best environment for their developing children. It is now understood that families with access to these conditions and supports are much better equipped to provide stable and healthy environments for their children.

This document reflects the South Australian government's commitment to implementing strategies and initiatives designed to provide a solid foundation for children’s development and wellbeing. Research strongly indicates that investment in the early years not only nurtures children's potential, but benefits society as a whole. For these reasons, investing in the early years of childhood, as well as a commitment to children and young people at all ‘ages and stages’ are major priorities for the State Government.

This policy discussion paper also emphasises the need to work in partnership with children, families and communities, and all who provide services to positively influence children’s lives.

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