Tackling methamphetamine: indicators and progress report April 2013

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This report provides a progress update on the Government's Tackling Methamphetamine: an Action Plan. It records changes against the Action Plan's baseline data of 2008 or 2009, and details progress on the Action Plan's activities.

Latest data and reports on progress provided six monthly Reports on progress against the Action Plan are provided to the Prime Minister and the Ministers of Justice, Health, Police, Corrections, Customs and Māori Affairs every six months. DPMC coordinates the reporting process and the Methamphetamine Steering Group, made up of senior o fficials from the relevant agencies, meets to discuss progress and approve the reports.

Descriptions of information sources can be found in Tackling Methamphetamine: Baseline Indicators Report at ll/files/baseline_indicators.pdf. It should be noted that, due to various recording and release dates, some data is provisional and other data may have been collected but not yet analysed. Therefore some changes may be made in subsequent reporting if necessary. Where the tables refer to ‘latest data’, this is the most recent data available as at April 2013.

Overview of expected results and indicators

An overview of the actions, expected results, and the indicators set can be found in the Action Plan available at (43) . Previous Progress and Indi cator Reports can be found at . The following page provides an outline of the expected results from the Action Plan and how the indicators set fits within these;

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